Africa in Virtual Worlds

…Journal of our Experiences with Social Media and Virtual Worlds to date…

Volunteers in SecondLife

We often get volunteers that want to work with our organisation and make our programmes a reality. Virtual Africa and our initiatives on SL are no exception and we have been privileged to get really enthusiastic professionals and students to join our team. One of the first volunteers to join us in Second Life was Bukari Seibert, an african-american student from the USA and with an energetic personality and innovative spirit – a perfect match to our own RL staff in South Africa. Bukari has helped a lot with some essential research and also welcomes guests at the Uthango office in SL – especially in hours that Africa sleeps!

Bukari and Alanagh

There are very specific guidelines for volunteers working with Uthango and we have a policy that now also applies in SL. Our initial experience with volunteers has been very positive, and we have formalised our application process so that volunteers understand where/how they fit into the organisation. It is a pleasure to team up with people from across the world in our project and find ways in which we could all work together to make something special happen… even if it is as small as arranging sitposes into chairs and making a boardroom work:

Bukari and Alanagh in Boardroom

and then…of course… we need to start thinking about more innovative ways in which volunteers could help raise awareness for our causes… Maybe like the brilliant campaign that Relay for Life had recently, for the American Cancer Association, where volunteers were locked into cages and could only be freed by those coming to post bail – in L$ leading to $ of course:

Jail Fundraiser

We wish to thank Bukari Seibert, Schizm Neutra and Nino Falken for their enthusiastic support the past few weeks! Looking forward to do more together…


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