Africa in Virtual Worlds

…Journal of our Experiences with Social Media and Virtual Worlds to date…

Uthango makes a first appearance on SLCN…

The association with Joysco comes a long way for Uthango Social Investments in-world. We were first introduced to the generous and professional Johnny Austin, by Jilly Kidd (Adele Ward in RL) of “Meet the Author”. She said Johnny was ‘amazing!” and in no time, he proved to be it! He completed the African Round-table building for us pro bono and we have special plans with it for 2008. The latest event of Johnny, namely the Joysco Winter Festival ’07 was a very positive experience for the Second Life Africa group.

We managed to set up an exhibition with the gracious help of Grace McDunnough, patron for the Virtual Africa project, and we received good exposure for our project.

graceatjoysco_dec07.jpg Virtual Africa exbibition at Convention

It was also the first time that Second Life Cable Network (SLCN) interviewed us for LIVE transmission across the grid, and presenter Yxes Delacroix asked awesome questions that left us inspired for a few hours afterwards. There is a copy (replay) of the interview on the SLCN website. And after it all, Alanagh, iAlja Writer and iYan Writer (SL names) of Artesia, who are great friends, could hang out in the tent and think about Second Life…

Relaxing in the Snow

It was the first virtual Christmas for Africa in Second Life, and we brought a bit of African sunshine and earthy clay to the white-clad Convention area at the Joysco Winter Festival. We also posted a big African sunset, and the [e]bizikile project vendor with some posters about the place of bicycles in African economies… and we made sure the animals of PennyWhistle Cameron are happily grazing behind the stage. It was – overall – a very special time.


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