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SL’Africans (Members) more than 200!

In the first week of January 2008, our Second Life Africa support group passed the 200 membership mark… Of course, not all members are active, but there is a sense of excitement as our social network continues to grow steadily. From Uthango‘s side, we wish to thank our members for the way in which you have carried the project and expressed your enthusiasm for the Virtual Africa initiative (to create a virtual version of Africa that would also be a force for good and a space for collaboration). A special word of THANK YOU to two of our first appointed volunteers that have continuously supported us in-world with events and research, Brianna Beresford and Schizm Neutra….

We know that not all our supporters are IN the actual SL Africa group, due to the limit of 25 on group numbers per avatar, or for other reasons. However, for those who opted to remain in the group and follow our developments inworld, we have great appreciation.

The next steps in our journey in virtual worlds are probably the most exciting, as we seek to identify and record the existing African interest groups, sim(ulations), prims, expressions and avatars that are scattered across the grid in pockets of excellent content. We need your assistance to report (as accurately as possible) on Africa’s presence and level of activity in Second Life – in the form of professionals, companies (are there any?), individual artists, musicians, writers and organisations. It is our intention to provide information about these pioneering and authentic initiatives as best as possible without spamming our Second Life Africa group or leading to information overload. Any ideas on the approach will be welcomed.


SL Africa Group

Please drop us a comment or IM Alanagh Recreant in world if you would like to be involved in a specific way with our initiative. We are specifically looking for three or four SL volunteers that are willing to commit three hours a week to the initiative for developing the database. Looking forward to hear from you.


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