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’08 Africa Day in Second Life (R) – Discussion Log

An initiative of Uthango Social Investments – Supported by Orange in Second Life

DISCLAIMER: If ANY of the attendees of this event would like to be removed from the logged conversation, kindly inform us immediately. It is posted here in the interest of sharing the conversation about two important issues with a wider community that do not have access to Second Life (R) or could not attend the event as such. Posting the log of the event (in some places shortened) is not intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable! With the exception of panelists, individuals do not represent the position of their employer, but their personal opinions. Please be in touch…

Due to popular demand from so many people present, we post the discussion log of the (hopefully) annual event AFRICA DAY in SECOND LIFE, serving as a platform to launch ‘Virtual Africa’ and the approach of UTHANGO to virtual worlds…After a year of being in-world, this is just the beginning!

Fab Outlander dancing to Soukous



[10:39] You: please get yourselves some free clothes

[10:40] Herald Jonson: Where can we find the clothes?

[10:40] You: walk with me?

[10:41] Herald Jonson: I’m getting tired of wearing these renaissance duds

[10:41] You shout: Forgive the shouting! The wonderful free clothes are over here on the sides of the stage…

[10:42] Caramba Vella shouts: And all the mean should wear a bubu!

[10:43] Caramba Vella: men! not mean!

[10:43] Herald Jonson: A bubu?

[10:43] Caramba Vella: yes a bubu

[10:43] Caramba Vella: come and get one

[10:43] Alanagh Recreant smiles at Caramba

[10:43] Herald Jonson: I’m game. But what is a bubu?

[10:44] Caramba Vella: see?

[10:44] Caramba Vella: that white outfit would suiy you

[10:44] Herald Jonson: Oh, is that a bubu?

[10:44] Caramba Vella: strictly speaking, no

[10:45] Caramba Vella: but put it on anyway

[10:45] Caramba Vella: the improvement will be ….

[10:45] Caramba Vella: significant

[10:45] Herald Jonson: I feel different

[10:45] Herald Jonson: already

[10:45] Caramba Vella: You ARE differnet

[10:46] Natty Foggarty: very nice moves Ricken!

[10:46] Caramba Vella: OMG

[10:46] Herald Jonson: Oops

[10:47] Herald Jonson: Sorry

[10:47] Herald Jonson: At least I was facing the billboard

[10:47] Ricken Flow: Thank you Natty

[10:47] Caramba Vella: Seen it all before Herald

[10:47] Natty Foggarty: yw!

[10:47] Caramba Vella: those prims round your legs

[10:47] Caramba Vella: have to go too

[10:48] Yesterday Demain: At 11:00 am SLT Discussion โ€œAccess to Virtual Worlds in Africa: challenges and opportunitiesโ€. Speakers: Herby Olschewski (CEO of AmbiTech Solutions, South Africa), Jason Modlinne (Programme Manager: Internet Solutions)

[10:48] Herald Jonson: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me

[10:48] Ricken Flow: can’t help but to dance to the great afro-rhythmns!!

[10:50] Fab Outlander: Hi jade

[10:50] Fab Outlander: take a free dress

[10:50] Natty Foggarty: Hi Soly , you look great in boubou!

[10:50] Solylence Houston: hi thank you very much :))

[10:51] You: Herald, I am careful to advice you

[10:51] Natty Foggarty: yw ^^

[10:51] Solylence Houston: ๐Ÿ™‚

[10:51] Herald Jonson: tHANK YOU!

[10:52] Caramba Vella shouts: Free margaritas here!


“Access to Virtual Worlds: challenges and opportunities.”

Africa Day Talks at Orange

[10:57] You: ok, all… thank you so much for coming…

[10:57] Thursday Xu: ty alanagh!

[10:57] You: Sage :)) welcome!

[10:57] Sage Duncan: Hello!

[10:57] Sage Duncan: This is great!

[10:57] Sage Duncan: great

[10:58] You shout: we will start in a few minutes!

[11:01] Herald Jonson: Alanagh, is there to be a discussion now?

[11:01] You: yes, indeed

[11:07] You: many friends and many new faces ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:07] You: if you click on the box, you will get a notecard with speakers

[11:07] You: for the two discussions

[11:07] Enakai Ultsch: yes stay…..we are to good to miss

[11:08] You: the first talk, will be about Access to Virtual Worlds from/for Africa

[11:08] You: and the challenges and opportunities

[11:08] You: this is an informal dicussion… so we invite questions and comments at the end

[11:10] You: I would like to start with one of our guests here tonight… Affluent Destiny (David Venter) in real world – and the manager of a company dealing with ICT service provision in South Africa

[11:10] You: please join me

[11:10] Affluent Destiny: thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:11] You: Affluent has been inworld for some time, and has set up a presence for his real world company here in SL

[11:11] You: we will be joined a bit later by ZaGenie Voom (SL) from Ambitech Solutions

[11:12] You: Affluent, can we kick off by sharing with the audience WHY you think it important for an African company to be in virtual worlds?

[11:12] Affluent Destiny: Thank for for the introduction Alanagh, from my part I would just like to welcome everyong to Africa Day here on Orange Island, thank you all for being here!

[11:13] Affluent Destiny: Yes, of course Alanagh…

[11:13] Affluent Destiny: Many companies do not realize this, but having an ‘in-world’ presence opens a lot of doors…

[11:14] Affluent Destiny: Here in the virtual world, companies do not have any restricted area or market… it is easy for them to communicate internationaly, share ideas, and meet in a virtual environment with clients from all over the world

[11:14] Alanagh Recreant nods

[11:15] You: …but yet, I have not seen many African companies here at all…

[11:15] Affluent Destiny: Yes, this is where we face some problems

[11:15] You: We all know there is a series of challenges, but maybe you can point them out a bit…

[11:15] Affluent Destiny: Most African companies cannot afford, or do not have the resources to be able to set up a virtual presence

[11:17] You: can you be a bit more specific… resources?

[11:17] Affluent Destiny: In Africa our main challenge would be connectivity, and of course then we also have the problem of slow connection speeds and limited data usage

[11:17] Alanagh Recreant smiles… sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰

[11:17] Affluent Destiny: There are various ISP’s in Africa; South Africa specifically that are trying to offer these services at much cheaper rates

[11:17] You: Affluent I am aware that you are also the regional reseller for one of the biggest internet providers in South Africa

[11:18] Enakai Ultsch: the program for the day can be viewed at and the soap boxes the speakers are on has info on them

[11:18] Affluent Destiny: That is correct Alanagh, our aim is to help fellow African Companies set up an ‘in-world’ presence by helping them ‘connect’ at rates which they can afford

[11:19] You: Can you give our audience an idea what is ‘affordable’ ?

[11:19] Eshi Otawara: /hello Enakai

[11:20] Affluent Destiny: Alright, I will give some examples in the ZAR currency here, with some comparisons of what Service Providers in other countries charge

[11:20] Alanagh Recreant listens

[11:21] Affluent Destiny: Over the past few years Broadband services in Africa has become a lot cheaper then it used to be, companies can now spend as little as R1400 per month to be able to connect to SecondLife with an un-capped broadband connection

[11:21] Affluent Destiny: however..

[11:21] Affluent Destiny: This is still quite expensive compared to what Europe and America has to offer

[11:21] Sminters Meriman: bless you, whomever sneezed there

[11:22] You: and this is related to the lack of fibre optic cabling, yes?

[11:22] You: infrastructure?

[11:22] Affluent Destiny: But with African companies expanding services and employing new technologies; there are various ways for businesses from Africa to be able to afford broadband connectivity

[11:22] Affluent Destiny: That is correct yes

[11:22] NelsonW Botha: greetings to all

[11:22] Enakai Ultsch: to put into perspective…R1400 that is a monthly slasry for some people insalary for some people

[11:23] NelsonW Botha: a real pity to have to leave already…

[11:23] You: There is also the fact that mobile phones has taken the world (and Africa) by storm and now outnumner fixed-lined by 5 to 1 with 132.2million subscribers in 2005 alone…

[11:23] Affluent Destiny: That is true, there are more affordable ways to connect, but then you will face problems such as limited data and slow browsing speeds

[11:24] You: what is the future for the african internet user? I mean, we are really ‘the priviledged’ in a way… to be here!

[11:24] Affluent Destiny: Unfortunately mobile broadband services are quite expensive in Africa, even though they are easily available

[11:25] Affluent Destiny: Indeed we are…

[11:25] You: in the end, limited fixed lines are a barrier to extensive broadband access – according to Hamadoun Toure

[11:25] Affluent Destiny: The future for African Internet Users…

[11:25] You: so, why wireless?

[11:25] Alanagh Recreant tries not to get carried away with the questions in her head….

[11:25] Alanagh Recreant listens

[11:26] Affluent Destiny: With companies like NeoTel soon opening their doors and providing more affordable services, and also improving the infrastructure (installing more Fibre lines, etc)..

[11:27] Affluent Destiny: I believe that will definitely cause other service providers to re-view their services, fees, and data limitations

[11:27] Alanagh Recreant nods

[11:27] Affluent Destiny: so in the near future we are definitely looking at more affordable internet connectivity across Africa

[11:27] You: / as an aside, Orange has about 19 million subscribers in Africa ๐Ÿ˜‰

[11:28] You: source: JA, Companies

[11:29] You: Are you positioning yourself in virtual worlds to play a role here – to orientate companies? Or do you see that more and more companies are leaving for other virtual worlds platforms?

[11:30] Affluent Destiny: I wouldn’t really say that companies are leaving as such. However.. Due to the data limitations and expensive connectivity issues that we face, many companies choose to leave because they end up spending more then they earn, which is a big problem for african businesses wanting to build a virtual presence

[11:31] You: this seem to be a global issue, rather than an African one?

[11:31] Affluent Destiny: We at Vervean Media are here in SecondLife, to not only expand our own business on a global scale, but to also help other businesses by providing the tools they need to set up a prefessionsl corporate presence

[11:32] Affluent Destiny: I would not really say that it is a global issue.. considering that connectivity in places like Eurpope could cost on average ZAR 400 for uncapped broadband

[11:32] You: Do you have any thoughts about HOW we can do that strategically, and still address digital divide at a grassroots level?

[11:33] Alanagh Recreant invites the audience to jump in if there are comments at this stage….

[11:33] Affluent Destiny: however, there are many companies that come into SecondLife, and without previous knowledge or any help, try to set up business here, but then they fail due to using the wrong advertising methods, and generally over spending..

[11:34] Herald Jonson: Is it government corruption that makes it difficult to get the infrastructure in place?

[11:34] You: / we are awaiting one of our speakers that seem to have challenges

[11:34] Alanagh Recreant considers that an excellent question…

[11:35] You: any thoughts on that account from Affluent? or from the floor, even….

[11:35] Affluent Destiny: Herald, as much as I hate to admit it, yes, the government plays a large role in this

[11:35] NelsonW Botha: Governments always oplay a role…usually a bad role

[11:36] NelsonW Botha: when not ALWAYS a bad role

[11:36] Tabata Jewell: regarding this question, if i may say so, i know in India for example the governement is the one that makes difficult to other contries to make and place their business thee

[11:36] You: Would you call it corruption of telecommuncation companies having a monopoly in countries, with government links and shareholding?

[11:36] You: of = or

[11:37] Herald Jonson: Are you asking me?

[11:37] Enakai Ultsch: since telkom was the only telekoms provider for South Africa….they had a monopoly…..and the government had a huge stake in te company……so there is no need to allow for competition or look at enhancing the infrastructure if it means less profit

[11:37] You: no, sorry… I was hoping Affluent may have some ideas…but you are welcome Herald!

[11:38] Herald Jonson: Any sign of hope in Africa for that situation, then?

[11:38] Affluent Destiny: I am going off topic here for a bit just to explain to you about governmental problems… We have been trying to get another service into South Africa.. PayPal, and after in depth discussions with both PayPal, SARS and the South African Reserve bank, what is comes down to is that they are simply afraid by allowing users to make money online and earning money via paypal without them being able to track it, it would cause many people to simply get rich, pack up, and leave..

[11:38] Enakai Ultsch: but now we have neotel coming in and they are also investing in infrastructure – optivibre-

[11:39] You: I would like to echo Herlad’s question? Is Africa doing something right in terms of access?

[11:39] Affluent Destiny: Yes indeed

[11:40] Affluent Destiny: You must remember that we do have very limited access due to not having enough Fibre Optics linking us to the rest of the world, but..

[11:40] Affluent Destiny: Many companies like iBurst, NeoTel, etc.. are working on fixing this problem, to offer Africans affordable broadband services

[11:41] You: …at this stage, I would like to welcome zaGenie Voom , or Herby Olschewski

[11:41] You: please join us on the box Herby

[11:42] Affluent Destiny: I am not saying that you will soon be paying as little as people from Europe or America, but you can definitely expect a price drop in broadband connectivity in the year to come

[11:42] Enakai Ultsch: yes goverment are putting in alot of effort and resources now to provide for better access……due to pressure from civil society…..2010 and the fact that the goverment realised that in order to be competitive in the global market they will have to make access more affordable in order to achieve the 6% groth

[11:42] Affluent Destiny: Hello Herby ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:42] You: Affluent, many people would say… why is ICT even a discussion, when Africa has so much poverty….

[11:43] Affluent Destiny: Yes, Enekai, exactly!

[11:43] Scofield Metty: European country steal our row material , and make some trubble inside of africa that why we are poo

[11:43] You: welcome back zaGenie

[11:44] Enakai Ultsch: ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:44] You: zaGenie, we have had an interesting discussion about resources and lack of infrastructure….

[11:45] ZaGenie Voom: yes, Africa has it’s challenges

[11:45] You: I know that your company AmbiTech Solutions deals extensively with government and the private sector to create access…

[11:45] ZaGenie Voom: mostly with private

[11:45] ZaGenie Voom: gov still too difficult to deal with

[11:45] ZaGenie Voom: red tape galore

[11:45] You: will you give us a bit of background on some of the solutions you have

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: we specialiaze in remote IT support

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: distances are huge in africa

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: skill are few and far between

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: we do autonomic computer repair

[11:46] Scofield Metty: …

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: basicall taking the pain out of IT

[11:46] ZaGenie Voom: we need broadband to reach our clients

[11:47] ZaGenie Voom: not many have it

[11:47] Alanagh Recreant nods

[11:47] ZaGenie Voom: those who do tend to lose it….. copper theft

[11:47] ZaGenie Voom: wimax or HSDPA is the answer for africa

[11:47] ZaGenie Voom: EDGE to a degree, but HSDPA is spreading fast

[11:47] Aayia Jun: What about Satellite services, wouldn’t that be, in the long run, more affordable and easier/faster to install?

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: Yes, we do BGAN as well.

[11:48] You: Herby, that is where I was heading… what is the future? we heard Herald earlier asking if there is hope…

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: Broadband Global Access Network

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: but it’s expensive

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: very convenient and easy to deploy

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: data bandwidth is prohibitively expensive at this time

[11:48] ZaGenie Voom: yes there is LOTS of hope

[11:49] ZaGenie Voom: Africa has lots of talent

[11:49] Scofield Metty: yeah

[11:49] ZaGenie Voom: it just needs the space and money to fly

[11:49] You: you confirm what Affluent said earlier… about cost of bandwith

[11:49] ZaGenie Voom: cost of bandwidth is REDICULOUS

[11:49] Scofield Metty: and less european gouvernement

[11:49] You: but, now… here is the subjective question…

[11:49] Affluent Destiny: HSDPA is perhaps the answer yes Herby, but when connecting to a virtual world such as SecondLife, one has to keep in mind stability of the connection, as well as cost mer MB, at this point in time HSDPA is too expensive for most businesses (or individuals) to use it as their default internet connection for all online activity and communication

[11:49] You: what about virtual worlds?

[11:50] You: if wifi is the future, does that mean that I need to pack up my SL??

[11:50] ZaGenie Voom: virtual worlds in africa have good potential

[11:50] ZaGenie Voom: more than what people think

[11:50] You: phew

[11:50] ZaGenie Voom: SL should work OK if the infrastructure is right

[11:50] Enakai Ultsch: agreee

[11:50] You: and you are not even getting paid to say that

[11:51] ZaGenie Voom: SL is an oppotunity BIG TIME for Africa

[11:51] Scofield Metty: why?

[11:51] You: why?

[11:51] ZaGenie Voom: Uthango are doing a FANTASTIC job

[11:51] Affluent Destiny agrees

[11:51] You: thank you Scofield

[11:51] ZaGenie Voom: raising funds, spreading the word

[11:51] Scofield Metty: you welcome

[11:52] You: yes, but beyond Uthango…. why would it have potential if so few Africans are here!

[11:52] ZaGenie Voom: reaching people and making contact with business contacts OUTSIDE of government influence

[11:52] You: sorry

[11:52] ZaGenie Voom: Africas will be here in droves if they can and they will

[11:52] You: Is it an APPROPRIATE platform…

[11:52] ZaGenie Voom: given education and “broadband cells”

[11:53] ZaGenie Voom: Not only appropriate but essential

[11:53] You: explain broadband cells?

[11:53] ZaGenie Voom: Africa should not be left behind in this new frontier

[11:53] Scofield Metty: African people care about get a job, make money and living in a safe country, i dont realy understand you

[11:53] Alf Niven: /hug tura

[11:53] ZaGenie Voom: in many respects Africa has an advantage here

[11:53] Alf gives Tura a big hug.

[11:54] Alf Niven: smiles

[11:54] ZaGenie Voom: Yes, but SL is the means to CREATE the jobs, find the funds etc

[11:54] You: good point and the way many feel Scofield

[11:54] Tura Sirbu: ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:54] ZaGenie Voom: Advertising, business cross-polination etc

[11:54] Affluent Destiny: Why.. What it comes down to is, Africans have the same right as everybody else to be able to utilize all the information technology services that the internet has to offer (Second Life being one of them) and by building an in-world presence, African countries can use this as a tool to expand globally, meet with international clients in a virtual boardroom, and creative individuals and ‘show off’ their work to millions of people across the globe…

[11:54] Alanagh Recreant reminds the panel we have about 5-7 minutes left of dicussing…

[11:54] Affluent Destiny: I am terribly lagged here with chat, excuse me if I am behind in conversation

[11:55] ZaGenie Voom: I recall the early days of Internet in Africa, many said it would NEVER catch on ….. wrong!

[11:55] You: no, no you are good Affluent

[11:55] ZaGenie Voom: We do extensive work in Africa setting up companies with ADSL, VOIP etc

[11:55] ZaGenie Voom: they are using a LOT to do business.

[11:56] ZaGenie Voom: Some have become very reliant doing international trade via the Net. SL is a natural step up from that

[11:56] Affluent Destiny agrees

[11:56] You: / due to requests in IM, we will continue the talk for 30 more minutes… and then have a concert with percussionist Sage Duncan

[11:57] Scofield Metty: and you talk about job, but you cant get a job for a regula pay check, i mean in sl you can eanr around SL$1000 per months, how an African can make money whit that. And anothere point they dont have Credit cards, and lots of them dont put money in the bank. How will you solve that?

[11:57] ZaGenie Voom: In short, Africa does not need talent, all it needs is less gov inteference in badwidth issues

[11:57] You: ZaGenie, you have ben invoved years ago with virtual world concepts, what is different now?

[11:57] ZaGenie Voom: Paypal for one

[11:57] Enakai Ultsch: agree with zagenie…and that is where lies a lot of the value….creating the business linkages….not creating the jobs in SL but make the linkages to grow business in Real world that will create more jobs

[11:57] Alanagh Recreant remembers Affluent saying the same about PayPal

[11:57] ZaGenie Voom: We use Paypal as a means to send funds to bypass the banks and exchange control

[11:58] Scofield Metty: …. its not a real solution

[11:58] ZaGenie Voom: Very much better now. Workable and practical

[11:58] You: ohhh my… lets not even go to Exchange Control

[11:58] ZaGenie Voom: I don’t see why the continent of Africa cannot do well here.

[11:58] Lukas Mensing: hej kwame, nice to see you

[11:58] Affluent Destiny: Yes, we need PayPal, I have talked about paypal a few minutes back… Government is the main reason why we do not have PayPal. It has very little to do with SARS, the Reserve Bank, or Paypal themselves

[11:59] ZaGenie Voom: I travelled the work for 18 years and have chosen to come back to Africa. There is a GREAT future here.

[11:59] Alanagh Recreant would like to give Uthango as an example in a case study – dealing with the Reserve bank in South Africa

[11:59] ZaGenie Voom: people find solutions. where there is commerce there is a way

[11:59] Affluent Destiny agrees

[11:59] You: ok, can we return to WiFi for a moment?

[11:59] You: what is happening on the continent?

[11:59] Scofield Metty: ok

[12:00] ZaGenie Voom: Wimax is being “squashed” in South Africa. Not good.

[12:00] ZaGenie Voom: Edge is a good, low cost alternative. Most of Southern Africa is covered.

[12:01] Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype

[12:01] Affluent Destiny: Vodacom has recently launched a WiFi service in South Africa, but unfortunately this is not easily available, it is not an option for home users (YET)

[12:01] ZaGenie Voom: Copper is definitely goind to reach a cul de sac. Too much theft.

[12:01] Scofield Metty: EDGE its more for cellular phone internet connection….

[12:01] Zaime OrangeTeam: what is this place

[12:01] ZaGenie Voom: Not true. We have fleets of Flybooks out there with embedded edge.

[12:02] ZaGenie Voom: Works like a dream.

[12:02] You: what do you mean WiMax is being ‘squashed’ zaGenie?

[12:02] Kanna Zenovka: hello

[12:02] ZaGenie Voom: 384kbs connections ok for here.

[12:02] Scofield Metty: ….

[12:02] ZaGenie Voom: Mweb’s trial license was not renewed.

[12:02] ZaGenie Voom: iBurst is making good headway into the townships

[12:03] ZaGenie Voom: good service and easy to setup

[12:03] Affluent Destiny: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:03] jack0000 Heron: ciao

[12:03] jack0000 Heron: a tutti

[12:03] ZaGenie Voom: Any questions?

[12:04] Scofield Metty: will u sale lab top for african?

[12:04] jack0000 Heron: nn parla nessuno

[12:04] Scofield Metty: i mean good price

[12:04] You: Affluent and ZaGenie, I would like to ask you both… what can the average SL’er do to make it happen for Africa?

[12:04] You: Or is it a question fo Africa making it happen by itself?

[12:05] You: just an opnion….

[12:05] Natacha Salomon: bonsoir

[12:05] ZaGenie Voom: By spreading the word and being postive

[12:05] ZaGenie Voom: there is so much negativity in Africa. Let’s not even talk about Zim

[12:05] Affluent Destiny: Spread the word… SL is not just a computer game, it is a virtual 3D world with great benefit, and businesses in Africa need to realize this., once they do realize this, I believe that many more africans will push to obtain an in-world presence and thereby also pushing for more affordable internet services

[12:06] Alanagh Recreant is tempted to ask the audience if they are positive…

[12:06] ZaGenie Voom: however, we cannot throw the baba out with the dishwater

[12:06] Alanagh Recreant smiles

[12:06] ZaGenie Voom: Africa has many faults, but lots of positives

[12:07] Enakai Ultsch: if you areiinterested in uthango’s work then you are welcome to join the SL Africa group

[12:07] ZaGenie Voom: I for one am happy to build a company here. We intend to make Cape Town a visible entity when it come to remote IT

[12:07] Scofield Metty: yeah but we know that , faults are bcz of European in 1960

[12:07] ZaGenie Voom: We are already working on several project as far as Lybia and elsewhere

[12:07] Affluent Destiny: Africa is a great country, people just tend to focus on the ‘bad’, the media especially, but look around, you will see many good things taking place ๐Ÿ™‚ Africa is on its way up!

[12:07] Scofield Metty: know we have to solv that

[12:08] Enakai Ultsch: the time is now to look at the future…and create in a way that will contribute to growth of nations

[12:08] ZaGenie Voom: I’ll tell you how people can help. Send all your older pcs for refurbishment here.

[12:08] You: I am interested to know how many people living currently in Africa are here in the audience… please say AYE

[12:08] ZaGenie Voom: There is a deluge of stuff going to the dumps in other countries. You will be amazed how well it will be used here.

[12:09] ZaGenie Voom: Aye

[12:09] You: Aye

[12:09] Affluent Destiny: Aye

[12:09] Sminters Meriman: Aye

[12:09] ZaGenie Voom: Other countries, continents?

[12:09] You: … anyone else connecting from Africa?

[12:09] Licenciada Saunders: California USA

[12:09] Azra Sands: Canada

[12:09] Tabata Jewell: Spain

[12:09] Yesterday Demain: France

[12:09] Sage Duncan: Kansas…really.

[12:09] Ciera Bergman: Georgia USA

[12:10] Ricken Flow: San Antonio USA

[12:10] Flikiti Uriza: Germany

[12:10] Solylence Houston: senegal

[12:10] ZaGenie Voom: Welcome welcome! Come and see us in Africa!

[12:10] Yesterday Demain: I love this…

[12:10] Zaime OrangeTeam: canada

[12:10] You: yes!!

[12:10] ZaGenie Voom: See, SL is already working for Africa!

[12:10] Enakai Ultsch: yes…africa

[12:10] Herald Jonson: Los Angeles, CA USA

[12:10] Yesterday Demain: “Reachng out to the world” ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:10] Affluent Destiny: ๐Ÿ™‚ Africa awaits.. a continent of endless possibility

[12:10] You: we are hoping that Virtual Africa (here) will play a role to promote the positive about Africa

[12:11] ZaGenie Voom: It’s a great tool to foster inter-continental commerce, mutal growth and above all understanding

[12:11] You: but with an honesty about the challenges

[12:11] You: voiced! by Africans

[12:11] ZaGenie Voom: There are challenges for sure, but nothing that cannot be overcome

[12:11] Enakai Ultsch: agreee!!!!!!!

[12:11] Affluent Destiny: indeed

[12:11] You: ok, now… before we go into party mood…

[12:11] ZaGenie Voom: I worked in Europe when 64kbs was a luxury for an Internet cafe, but it worked

[12:12] Alanagh Recreant smiles… I have questions

[12:12] ZaGenie Voom: Here in Africa I’m a 4meg line and it works.

[12:12] You: How do we make it easier for africans to get into Second Life?? I mean, not Linden Lab, or anyone else… us – the community?

[12:12] ZaGenie Voom: Next year June africa will have an abundance of international connectivity.

[12:12] Kwame Oh: did someone say party RSVP “Rice and Stew Very Plenty” ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:13] ZaGenie Voom: Those who are smart will be at the right place at the right time

[12:13] Alanagh Recreant stays composed and politely waves at Kwame

[12:13] Herald Jonson: ZaGenie 4MBPS down?

[12:13] Enakai Ultsch: Kwame: hahahahah:))

[12:13] ZaGenie Voom: 4meg down an 384 up

[12:13] Herald Jonson: ZaGenie Nice

[12:13] You: Question: talk to us about innovation that you have seen….

[12:14] ZaGenie Voom: We can set up SL workshops

[12:14] Affluent Destiny: I am on 512k Down, 384 up

[12:14] You: thank you zaGenie, we will be talking here in Cape Town ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:14] ZaGenie Voom: We one are setting up a lab here for 30+ users to use the Net and SL

[12:14] Sminters Meriman: ditto Affluent

[12:15] Enakai Ultsch: your not the only ones……:))))

[12:15] Herald Jonson: ZaGenie Nice. Will that be in South Africa? Cape Town?

[12:15] Affluent Destiny: In order for us to make it easier for other africans to come ‘in-world’ is basically sharing our knwolage of SL, and helping them to find affordable means of connectivity

[12:15] You: innovation?

[12:15] Alanagh Recreant agrees with Affluent….

[12:15] Affluent Destiny: ZaGenie is doing the perfect job there then ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:15] ZaGenie Voom: I had an intereyes, in Cape Town

[12:16] Alanagh Recreant plans to share Uthango’s story inworld as a case study with others – we have learned hard lessons, I have!

[12:16] ZaGenie Voom: Come and see Cape Town. Great place to be!

[12:16] Kwame Oh:

[12:16] Alanagh Recreant ponders ZaGenie working for government

[12:16] You: j/k

[12:16] ZaGenie Voom: Yes, good move, but there are even better initiatives coming into play

[12:16] You: any more questions or comments from the floor?

[12:17] ZaGenie Voom: the 2010 football tourney is a big blessing for afroca

[12:17] Affluent Destiny: It all comes down to word of mouth at the end of the day, and how we portray our own virtual experience… I will say this again.. African companies need to realize what a great tool SL is for business, it is NOT a computer Game, it is a tool, something which makes any normal web site appear static and ‘old’.. SL might become the new norm of online communication in the futre, who knows…

[12:17] Azra Sands: how about a welcome center in SL for newcomer Africans and/or help connnecting to inworld mentors

[12:17] ZaGenie Voom: they need big bandwidth from africa and it will have a very good effect on commerce as well

[12:17] Kwame Oh: Orientation for Africans ?

[12:18] ZaGenie Voom: Uthango are already doing that. True pioneers. I take my hat off to them

[12:18] Affluent Destiny: Azra, good point you have there… I believe that Robben Island will be a sort of ‘orientation’ island for Africans joining SL, is that correct Alanagh?

[12:18] Enakai Ultsch: Azra: yes! that is waht we will be doing at Virtual Afrcia….

[12:18] You: great minds Azra, talk to us…

[12:19] Enakai Ultsch: yes…we will also try and have mentors and also that africans can be orientated in their native language

[12:19] You: that is 100% correct Affluent, Robben Island is located next to Virtual Africa… and we already have several ‘Embassies’ there of the larger african groups and islands

[12:19] ZaGenie Voom: Remember, Africa is not only for Africans. About 60% of our own client base are ex-pats.

[12:19] You: some have been in and out here today

[12:19] Herald Jonson: I’ve been Twittering about this event like crazy.

[12:19] Licenciada Saunders: Question: If I want to direct other USA SL users to get a taste of what you offer here, what is the landmark to send them to please?

[12:20] ZaGenie Voom: Smart people who see the potential in Africa. They also will find a great need for SL

[12:20] You: thank you Herald, I am too busy!

[12:20] You: follow us though….

[12:20] You:

[12:20] Enakai Ultsch: Herald: thank you

[12:20] NelsonW: All Go

[12:20] Herald Jonson: You’re welcome

[12:21] Enakai Ultsch: the best landmark to use is Uthango office at Sunsetcommerce

[12:21] You: I think… we are coming to a closure….

[12:21] Licenciada Saunders: ty

[12:21] NelsonW Botha: :

[12:21] NelsonW Botha: : )

[12:21] You: I would like to invite you to stay for the wonderful percussionist Sage Duncan

[12:22] NelsonW Botha: gosh…I lost the end…

[12:22] Tura Sirbu: lol

[12:22] Licenciada Saunders: luv 2 but I am at work n have to make it look like I am working *:-)

[12:22] You: thank you VERY MUCH to our great panelists ZaGenie and Affluent, business people in Africa

[12:22] You: the day is only starting!

[12:22] You: some closing comments ?

[12:22] ZaGenie Voom: No problem. Keep up the good work!

[12:22] You: zaGenie?

[12:22] You: Affluent?

[12:23] ZaGenie Voom: Yes, just one.

[12:23] Affluent Destiny: Thank you for having us here ๐Ÿ™‚ it was great to be able to openly discuss the issues that we as Africans face in the ICT sector

[12:23] ZaGenie Voom: We cannot right Africa off because of it’s past and present turmoil.

[12:23] ZaGenie Voom: The way forward is to embrace Africa and make it work

[12:23] Affluent Destiny agrees

[12:24] ZaGenie Voom: by doing so we are making the world a much better place

[12:24] ZaGenie Voom: Africa needs money, yes, but moreso it needs direction

[12:24] Affluent Destiny: absolutely!

[12:25] ZaGenie Voom: The people in SL can help by being the shining light. There are some smart cookies in SL

[12:25] Alanagh Recreant agrees…

[12:25] NelsonW Botha: yeah…Direction an…good Coomunications!

[12:25] Lola Lily: hello all the world, I am Gabonese. big thank you to the organizers but I would like to know how residents African sensitize local youth as part of SF

[12:25] NelsonW Botha: well..badly typed but understandable…

[12:25] NelsonW Botha: : )

[12:25] You: I would like to remind our audience that SAGE DUNCAN is an internationally acclaimed percussionist…. and will be performaing LIVE….

[12:25] ZaGenie Voom: In the 5 years I’ve been back in Africa, I have seen VAST improvement

[12:25] Affluent Destiny: there cannot be any money without direction… knowledge, tools, and innovation first, then money ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:25] ZaGenie Voom: I don’t see the trend changin

[12:26] You: / VOICE will be used, so you may want to put your earphones on and pull the kids closer… or close the office door!

[12:26] ZaGenie Voom: money in the beginning helps though too ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:26] Alanagh Recreant nods…

[12:26] Zaime OrangeTeam smiles

[12:26] ZaGenie Voom: who’s going to entertain us?

[12:27] NelsonW Botha: not the money itself but the hands which handle the money I would say!

[12:27] You: Sage, do I need to introduce you again… ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:27] Sage Duncan: no it good

[12:27] You: how ready are you?

[12:27] Affluent Destiny agrees with NelsonW

[12:27] Autumn Beaver cheers …quietly .. woot woot

[12:27] NelsonW Botha: : )

[12:27] Alanagh Recreant thinks she should remove the soap boxes…

[12:27] Sage Duncan: thanks

[12:27] Enakai Ultsch: Lola: we are trying to expose some yputh tp the platform for educational purpouses….

[12:28] Kwame Oh: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:29] You: I would like to use this opportunity to also thank Radio Soukous for the music today, organised by the lovely Caramba Vella…

[12:29] ZaGenie Voom: Cool, I’ll get my bongo drum out and tap along ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:29] Enakai Ultsch: Africa do have bright leaders.that can provide direction but are not neccesarily in leadership positions

[12:29] ZaGenie Voom: Too true. Often the idiots get voted in

[12:29] ZaGenie Voom: a people get the gov they deserve

[12:29] Alanagh Recreant smiles at Uthango Director Enakai, lagged on laptop and still on a soap box ๐Ÿ˜‰

[12:30] ZaGenie Voom: they need to be educated to think commercially and not along tribal politics and the never-ending race card.

[12:30] You: don’t you just love SL

[12:30] ZaGenie Voom: in short, African should get a live, a SECOND LIFE ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:30] Autumn Beaver: absa toodle lutly ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:31] Enakai Ultsch: this was wonderful! thank you evrybody!!!

[12:31] ZaGenie Voom: thanks for coming!

[12:31] You: ok, we are ready… attaching speakers…

[12:31] Affluent Destiny: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:31] ZaGenie Voom: boom boom box fired up…

[12:31] You: thank you to all… please… remember the day is only starting

[12:32] ZaGenie Voom: where can we get a beer?

[12:32] Tura Sirbu: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:32] Kwame Oh: wants palm wine

[12:32] You: there is another discussion at 14:15 and until then…. we have Sage Duncan on SL VOICE


Stacey Fox performs for Virtual Africa


[12:32] ZaGenie Voom: Sage you go Gurl!

[12:32] You: we will be visited by Jean Linden as well

[12:32] Fab Outlander wants to hear Sage

[12:32] You: that’s my cue

[12:32] You: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[12:33] Enakai Ultsch: Wonderfull Sage….

[12:33] Autumn Beaver claps

[12:33] ZaGenie Voom: nice accent!

[12:33] Sage Duncan: I’m on Voice!

[12:34] Fab Outlander: people in order to hear, clic on Sage and get closer to her face

[12:34] Autumn Beaver: I dont hear one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

[12:34] ZaGenie Voom: No problem, keep talking

[12:34] Sage Duncan: please everyone get up and dance

[12:34] Sage Duncan: DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!

[12:34] ZaGenie Voom: can I shake my Africa bootie?

[12:45] ZaGenie Voom: clap clap clap

[12:45] Caramba Vella shouts: IM me if you want an invite to the African Music Group

[12:46] Alanagh Recreant ponders… I NEED serious African AO dances

[12:46] Caramba Vella: I’m so laggy I can’t move

[12:46] You: me too…

[12:46] Caramba Vella: so I can’t dance

[12:46] You: I can kill the Quiver tree?

[12:46] NelsonW Botha: at least hal SL population needs a good dance AO…lol

[12:46] NelsonW Botha: *half

[12:47] Enakai Ultsch: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:47] Tabata Jewell: when you find that african dance please send the LM

[12:47] Alanagh Recreant votes Eladrienne Laval as best dressed…

[12:47] You: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[12:47] You: I will Tabata!

[12:47] Eladrienne Laval: Thank you! It’s a Senegalese ndokette!

[12:48] You: wow!

[12:48] You: it is gorgeous Eladrienne….

[12:48] Caramba Vella: I want one!

[12:48] Eladrienne Laval: ty!

[12:49] Enakai Ultsch: I am logging off till the next talk…..Bye

[12:49] Alanagh Recreant reminds people of the freeby clothes by Solylence Houston

[12:49] Affluent Destiny: ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:50] Autumn Beaver: them are some fast hands! **giggles*

[12:50] ZaGenie Voom: oooooh, must hurt!

[12:50] Autumn Beaver: immagine is she slaped someone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

[12:50] Autumn Beaver: LOL

[12:50] ZaGenie Voom: Remind me NOT to get a massage from Sage ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:51] NelsonW Botha: I’d like to remind the audience that SL has some lag…lol

[12:51] You: a lagged slap??

[12:51] ZaGenie Voom: No lag in THAT drum…. dang!

[12:51] Ricken Flow: lol Nelson

[12:51] Autumn Beaver: OUCH!

[12:51] Autumn Beaver: none what so ever,..

[12:51] Autumn Beaver: GO SAGE!

[12:51] Autumn Beaver: DAYM!

[12:51] NelsonW Botha: : )

[12:52] Autumn Beaver: my hands hurt for her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

[12:52] Affluent Destiny: Hoooo!

[12:52] Autumn Beaver: Hoooo!

[12:52] Affluent Destiny: got some great skills there sage :))

[12:52] Autumn Beaver: sounds like she had 4 hands there a second lol

[12:53] You: / a reminder to the audience that Sage is on SL VOICE !

[12:54] ZaGenie Voom: Now put our hands in some cold water and we’ll all have hot coffee!!!

[12:54] Autumn Beaver: This place is beautiful, you guys should be very proud!

[13:00] ZaGenie Voom: nice!

[13:01] Autumn Beaver: **wiggling in her chair**

[13:01] ZaGenie Voom: there’s got to be more than one set of hands there?

[13:05] You: / Reminder to new guests: We will have the second panel on New Media: A Voice for Africa at 14:00 – with Jean Miller of Linden Lab saying a few words before the talk…

[13:06] You: / Get yourself some freeby African clothes and please note we will open out AFRICAN RAIN club at 16:30 on Robben Island, AFTER launching VIRTUAL AFRICA (sim)

[13:06] Eladrienne Laval claps

[13:06] You: thank you Sage!

[13:07] You: very nice… exhilirating

[13:07] ZaGenie Voom: cool the power of SL. I had no idea who Stacey Fox is. now I do!

[13:07] Aayia Jun: thanks Sage, awesome….

[13:08] Alanagh Recreant imagines some of our clients in the music industry meeting Sage – ZaGenie, the marimba band over at Masiphumelele!

[13:08] You: we have ‘just’ the venue

[13:08] ZaGenie Voom: Yes, I think Sage should come and visit us in Cape Town!

[13:08] You: ohhh that too

[13:09] Xe Oh: Hi all is the music over?

[13:10] Xe Oh: sound?

[13:11] You: <— Sage’s website

[13:12] Alanagh Recreant welcomes Tamzin and her students (watching) :))

[13:32] You: / thank you again to Sage Duncan for a wonderful performance!

[13:33] You: you are now listening to Radio Soukous, official Radio Station of Africa Day in Second Life ’08

[13:50] You shout: ANNOUNCEMENT: Please join us for the second panel dicussion in 10-15 minutes!

[13:51] LifeFactory Writer: This looks like a nice party!

[13:51] Transcriptionist Writer: what wonderful music

[13:51] Fab Outlander: yeah

[13:51] Xe Oh: odd mix of dancing and w, what is it steel piano ann guitar?

[13:51] Fab Outlander: come on take a free dress upstairs

[13:51] LifeFactory Writer: No worries, you can also just call me Life–might save you some finger strain ๐Ÿ™‚

[13:52] LifeFactory Writer: Thank you. I would have liked to have been here earlier. Looks like it is a success!

[14:03] You: welcome Anna, SLInworld

[14:03] Anna Annenberg: thanks!

[14:03] Enakai Ultsch: and take our seats???

[14:03] SLinworld4 Planer: Hi Everybody!

[14:03] You: it is going to be a fairly informal discussion

[14:04] You: so please, just enjoy it…

[14:04] You shout: Announcement: We will start the talk in 5 minutes! Please find a nice seat over at the Quiver trees!

[14:07] Tara Yeats waves at Alanaugh ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:07] You: please meake yourselves at home…


[14:08] You: this is not going to be a very formal event

[14:08] You: but we have some good structure

[14:08] Charlot Dickins: and mostly it is very quite and peaceful here ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:08] Jean Linden: I love the music

[14:08] You: If you click on the box, you find the speakers of the panel….

[14:08] Marissa Bergbahn: HI Jean, long time no see ;-))

[14:08] You: it it Radio Soukous Jean, and very welcome!

[14:09] Earth Alcott: thank you for the dance, Fab

[14:09] Jean Linden: Marissa – what, like 6 hours? ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:09] Marissa Bergbahn: not that bad, had 2 RL meetings in the meantime ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:09] You: Jean Miller is the International Affairs Manager for Linden Lab and I am really pleased to have her as a guest….

[14:09] Jean Linden: I want to stand up and start dancing

[14:09] Tango (Club version) whispers: synchronising

[14:09] You: she will not be on the panel, but will join us hopefully for a bit

[14:09] Alanagh Recreant smiles…

[14:09] You: we will have much dancing again later

[14:09] Jean Linden: ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you Alanagh

[14:10] Jean Linden: Hi everyone!

[14:10] Earth Alcott: Hello, Jean

[14:10] Eladrienne Laval: Hello!

[14:10] Jean Linden: so as alanagh mentioned, I’m Jean – my role has changed a bit recently, I’m actually head of German Market Development now but I have been

[14:11] Jean Linden: doing a lot of work in International Intiatives at Linden Lab for almost two years now

[14:11] Jean Linden: First – I’d like to thank Alanagh for the invitation to this event

[14:11] Jean Linden: and I can’t wait to do some exploring later ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:12] Jean Linden: It was last June when I first spoke to Alanagh about the Virtual worlds project

[14:12] Jean Linden: I was impressed by her experience in Second Life in, by her fantastic, well thought out ideas

[14:12] Jean Linden: and most of all

[14:12] Jean Linden: by her passion.

[14:13] Jean Linden: When you speak to her, you can’t help but be wrapped up in it.

[14:13] Jean Linden: I had the honor of being apart of those earlier discussions through the brain child of this project

[14:13] Jean Linden: and the knowledge that Alanagh – could move mountains! ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:14] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Hi Jean Linden…….

[14:14] NelsonW Botha: and maybe SL forwards…

[14:14] NelsonW Botha: : )

[14:15] Jean Linden: Before I came to Linden Lab, my background was in public diplomacy and virtual worlds and this may have something to do with how the Virtual Africa project initially impressed me.

[14:15] You: thank you very much Jean… you are kind

[14:16] Jean Linden: Alanagh’s plan was and IS groundbreaking technological, not only for Africa but for the rest of the world.

[14:16] Alanagh Recreant welcomes everyone to Orange and to this special day…

[14:17] Jean Linden: I believe that this can be a tipping point project that has the potential to instigate even greater technological development as well as greater global understnading of our neighbors – and now our friends.

[14:18] Jean Linden: Uthango has faced their share of challenges, as many of us have, trying to figure out how to work effectively in this virtual environment

[14:18] Jean Linden: and they have proven that all those challenges can be overcome.

[14:18] Jean Linden: And that though many of us have moments where we consider giving up on this place because of any one of its frustrating qualitites ๐Ÿ˜‰ …

[14:19] NelsonW Botha: he’hem

[14:19] Jean Linden: it’s because of folks like Alanagh and her team and initiatives like Virtual Africa that remind us how beautiful life

[14:19] NelsonW Botha: lol

[14:19] Nick Rhodes: ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:19] Jean Linden: how beautiful Second Life can be.

[14:19] You: / Thank you so much Jean, I appreciate the words… and want to use this opportunity to (in turn) thank ALL those who believed in a dream with me! I know this sounds like a cliche, but Virtual Africa would not be possible if there was not others that shared the same vision, and implemented elements of it – many whom are here today…

[14:19] Jean Linden: So enough of my rambling

[14:19] Jean Linden: Thank you everyone!

[14:20] Jean Linden: Congratulations!!!!

[14:20] Nick Rhodes: thank you Jean ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:20] Xe Oh: Thank you for the info .-))

[14:20] You: I am inviting you all to come and look at what we have worked towards… and what has become possible through the passion and energy of many people…

[14:20] NelsonW Botha: we all want the SL success….

[14:20] Xe Oh: got land mark again?

[14:21] You: after this talk, we open Virtual Africa sim and will celebrate at African Rain (in Robben Island) thereafter!

[14:21] You: pls ask Aayia Jun for LM

[14:21] You: thanks Jean ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:21] You: and now… to our panel…


“New Media (including Virtual Worlds): a new voice for African cultures and ideas?

Talk at Africa Day by Anna Annenberg

[14:21] Jean Linden: thank you for the invitation!!!

[14:21] You: KhoisanMermaid Afarensis

[14:21] You: Anna Annenberg

[14:22] You: and SLInworld4 Planner (yes there are more, but only one Jan)

[14:22] You: pls join us

[14:22] Alanagh Recreant wonders why she did not make a soap box for a tiny

[14:22] You: can I suggest you stand on it Jan?

[14:23] Xe Oh: is there a land mark to the Sim Jean was discussing?

[14:23] You: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:23] SLinworld4 Planer: ^^

[14:23] You: the topic we discuss is about the role of new media as a voice for Africa

[14:23] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Thank you.Jean Linden..))

[14:23] You: I suggest a few words from the panelists

[14:24] NelsonW Botha: this is really interesting…a pity I must leave…

[14:24] You: Anna is a fellow at iCommons, which is an international technology non-profit based in Johannesburg that brings together activists, entrepreneurs and academics to work towards a free digital culture for all.

[14:24] You: Some of you may know her better from Public Diplomacy project at USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School for Communication, during which time she conducted an extensive quantitative analysis of the cross-cultural interaction that occurs in Second Life.

[14:25] You: Anna has much interest in intellectual property issues… and I met her in CApe Town this year…

[14:25] Xe Oh: Question?

[14:25] You: Anna, would you share with us, why you believe New Media is already making a difference?

[14:25] Anna Annenberg: Absolutely!!

[14:26] Anna Annenberg: the power of innovations in communication and technology really provides access to information and opportunities to share that information across cultures around the globe

[14:26] Xe Oh: Anna, I live in LA, so you are apart of the corn field project?

[14:26] Anna Annenberg: and at iCommons…

[14:27] You: / Xe… I will give some time for those interesting question a bit later…like before?

[14:27] Xe Oh: nice, and farm lab?

[14:27] Xe Oh: OK

[14:27] Anna Annenberg: we believe that such sharing really enables human development and empowerment and can stimulate economic growth for people everywhere

[14:27] You: thank you…

[14:27] Rob Chandrayaan needs to go to bed

[14:27] Rob Chandrayaan: bye peops

[14:28] You: I think this is a tpic that would be of particular interest to Khoisanmermaid….

[14:28] You: KhoisanMermaid is June Bam Hutchinson in real world and haved worked extensively in and with Africa, including currently as Diversity Manager of London Sugar and Slavery at Museum of London

[14:29] NelsonW Botha: Thank you all…I felt lucky to be here RL calling

[14:29] You: she was also was CEO of the South African History Project, the rewriting of South Africa‘s history after aparthei

[14:29] You: and I am honoured to have you here June ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:29] NelsonW Botha: Hem…Nelson…lol

[14:30] You: Can you tell us why you think virtual worlds may have something to offer for Africans?

[14:30] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Hello everyone, and thank you Alanagh for inviting me.

[14:31] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Africa has been constructered, restructured virtually and psychologically – this is something which has had a great legacy on people’s perceptions of Africa in the world. I work within the African Diaspora communities now in London, and this legacy is undoubdtedly far reaching.

[14:32] You: KhoisanMermaid, waht do you mean when you say Africa has been ‘restructured’?

[14:33] Alanagh Recreant smiles… the silent waiting on a brilliant answer

[14:34] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: It is not until very recently that Africa is gaining a rightful place in the psychollogy of people in the world. There is still a misperception of Africa as in representation, and in how it is imagined in popular media and even in new media. This project therefore provides exciting potentially groundbreaking opportunities to intervene in the making of new perceptions on and of Africa, even if in SL.

[14:35] Fab Outlander: Hello Sca:)

[14:36] Sca Shilova: hi ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:36] You: Anna, I know that intellectual property rights is a hot topic in SL at the moment – if we get africans to share their stories (in order to change perceptions maybe that KhiosanMermaid refers to) how to we ensure that is done with integrity?

[14:36] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: I was involved in educational projects looking at representation both here in Europe and in Africa. Mapping, design, imaging are all integral to SL construction and can make a significant contribution to new paradigms of dialogue with and about Africa.

[14:36] You: Do you have any ideas?

[14:36] Anna Annenberg: well that’s always tricky

[14:38] BlackMink Toshi: sorry

[14:38] You: / I would like to introduce SLInworld4 to the discussion – he is Jan Kunze (Software Developer, Komm-Passion Interactive) when he looks in the mirror…

[14:38] Tura Sirbu: ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:38] SLinworld4 Planer: Hello Everyone, and thanks for the invigation Alanagh!

[14:39] Anna Annenberg: but actually, in SL the community is so open to sharing ideas and cultures with each. It seems that most avvies in SL are eager to learn about other cultures and ideas. So I think SL is in many ways, somewhat of a safe environment where Africans can feel comfortable in explaining and shairing their culture accurately

[14:39] You: Jan, KhoisanMermaid speaks about changed paradigms, and you have worked on the Virtual Africa project… and specifically on our NEW Artificially Intelligent animal there ๐Ÿ˜‰ – do you think the initiative has the potential to change perceptions?

[14:40] Alanagh Recreant burns to ask the African avies how they experience their interaction… I am, for instance treated differently as Alanagh than Wilberforce Rau (my dark skinned alt)…

[14:41] Alanagh Recreant ponders the fact that tinies do not seem to be typing…

[14:41] SLinworld4 Planer: I think the Virtual Africa project has a great potential to do so. So users from other countries can see how the african community represents itself, learning about their way of self-perception and represantation.

[14:42] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: I think that is important, especially for young people who are requiring an affirmative sense of identity. Dislocation

[14:42] Kwame Oh: are you asking if colour, will be an issue, as in rl ?

[14:43] You: yes Kwame…

[14:43] You: I am saying that I experienced it as one

[14:43] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: from Africa is a real issue – and global participation requires an informed self made sense of self and the

[14:43] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: repairing of self in the diversity

[14:44] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: of what Africa constitutes. The issue

[14:44] Kwame Oh: well, i suposed if we can get past the main issues such as “exotic” etc… we could move forward, but the very nature of SL does preclude that ?

[14:44] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: of safe environment is crucial as it also

[14:44] You: Are there not other mediums that is a better platform to address diversity… such as blogs and social networks…?

[14:44] LifeFactory Writer: I would like to ask a question. Is the focus of SL Africa primarily on awareness-raising in the West, or is it also on facilitating the entrance of African citizens into the virtual and online world? And, Africa is diverse and surely the answer to this question varies according to country, but are there any figures on what percentage of the continent has access to the internet generally and VRs specifically? Thank you.

[14:44] You: why virtual worlds?

[14:45] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: allows for an interesting kind of collective ownership of representation and self as relational to that.

[14:45] You: excellent LifeFactory

[14:45] LifeFactory Writer: ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:45] You: the answer is yes

[14:45] Anna Annenberg: also, it offers amazing opportunities for collaboration

[14:45] IYan Writer: Life always has great questions ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:45] LifeFactory Writer: lol, Iyan.

[14:45] LifeFactory Writer: thanks.

[14:46] Anna Annenberg: with regards to IP rights, and granted I am by no means an expert, the ability to apply flexible protection rights that facilitate, rather than hinder the information evolution, can help to bring about a free digital culture for all. In a free digital culture, we can watch information evolve as people collaborate and build upon shared works to a state of near-perfection enriching the knowledge domain. I think the Virtual Africa project will definitely contribute to changing the perception of Africa. It is wonderful that Virtual Africa will be bringing in creative content, individuals, and other material that represent African culture and I think it will be a great source of empowerment for all those who participate!!

[14:46] Alanagh Recreant smiles… no in all seriousness, the vision of Virtual Africa is to create access for Africans to come inworld, and also for other continents and countries to share

[14:46] You: well, I think Anna said it best!

[14:46] Anna Annenberg: hahaha, that’s definitely a first!! ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:47] Enakai Ultsch: LifeFactory: of worldwide internetusers Africa represents 3.4%

[14:47] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: We have to be realistic…equitable partnership is now the buzz word for global development (whatever that meanss in RL). i WONDER HOW SIGNIFICANT

[14:47] LifeFactory Writer: and I assume those are mostly in South Africa?

[14:47] LifeFactory Writer: or perhaps north africa?

[14:48] You: I know a discussion about a virtual, pixels AI animal does not fit entirely into this line… but Jan, as a software developer worked extensively on adding value to the animation of an african animal, a meerkat!

[14:48] Kwame Oh: and also , to what use do that 3.4% put it to ?

[14:48] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: that can be for SL. Can we see Equitable Partnerships taking place between North and South?

[14:49] You: I would like to give him the opportunity to tell us a bit more, what makes it so special and if there are still ways to improve it…

[14:49] LifeFactory Writer: I understand there is likely to be more access to the internet via mobile platforms on all of those millions of cell phones in Africa, more so than normal computers. Is this true?

[14:49] You: if you would allow me to go off into that direction for a moment

[14:49] LifeFactory Writer: sory.

[14:49] You: oh no… lets come back Lifefactory ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:49] SLinworld4 Planer: that would be little break to the ongoing discusson…^^

[14:49] LifeFactory Writer: haha! Sorry….

[14:49] You: yes ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:49] LifeFactory Writer: we are typing over each other.

[14:50] LifeFactory Writer: ok, cool…that is extremely encouraging.

[14:50] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: I work with Sierra Leone as well, and have had interesting

[14:50] SLinworld4 Planer: As far as i know, the project of the AI animal, the meerkat is unique to SL.

[14:50] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: conversations about mobile phones and new media empowerment – as with Nigeria

[14:51] You: when I came into SL, I was worried about the animation

[14:51] SLinworld4 Planer: The scripting was very complex…most problems occured with animating it properly

[14:51] You: it was one of the issues I struggled with a lot…. a good looking wildlife creature, or a good moving one – not both! :/

[14:52] SLinworld4 Planer: So our sollution was, excuse pleas the technical terms, basic nonphysical animation, like in the OpenGL programm language

[14:52] Alanagh Recreant is sure the techies will be delighted!

[14:53] SLinworld4 Planer: thats an different approach compared to other animated animals in SL, which are mainly physical animated

[14:53] Sca Shilova: are you talking avi animation or object animation

[14:53] SLinworld4 Planer: We wanted to be his movements a realistic as possibly

[14:53] Yel Oh: The meerkat is really amazing, a great achievement . . just wish mine hadn’t gone wild quite so quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:53] Alanagh Recreant smiles brightly… and trust me, the meerkat IS different

[14:53] SLinworld4 Planer: so all animations were done in 3d modeling software at the beginning

[14:54] Alanagh Recreant invites all to come and adopt a meerkat… and reminds you that it will live on Virtual Africa

[14:54] LifeFactory Writer: I want to adopt a meerkat.

[14:54] You: / you will have to bond with it, or it becomes wild and disobient

[14:54] SLinworld4 Planer: this had to be transferred to SL, not an easy task…but i hope you will like the result

[14:54] IYan Writer: can’t wait to see the meerkat

[14:54] IYan Writer: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:55] SLinworld4 Planer: In Addition the Meerakt has a simple AI

[14:55] SLinworld4 Planer: based on the state engine principle of the Second Life script language

[14:55] You: we are also doing a soft launch of the sim, and the meerkat and welcome feedback… it is our vision and dream toi introduce more AI animals and have companies sponsor them as part of our sustainability here – leading in turn to new media programmes with mobile in Africa ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:56] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Very good

[14:56] You: I ahve to confess though… we have not had 20 meerkats loose on the island!

[14:56] You: hope Havok 4 holds up ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:56] Jean Linden: w00t!

[14:56] SLinworld4 Planer: ^^

[14:56] LifeFactory Writer: do they interact with each other?

[14:56] Anna Annenberg: hehehe

[14:56] IYan Writer: if it’s non-phys, no problem w/ Havok

[14:57] You: oh??

[14:57] IYan Writer: server side script lag possibly, bu I doubt it

[14:57] Alanagh Recreant waves at Iyan

[14:57] SLinworld4 Planer: No, they dont interact with each other

[14:57] LifeFactory Writer: but they do interact with Avs?

[14:57] You: yes they do!

[14:57] SLinworld4 Planer: but this would be possible, spending more efforts in development

[14:58] LifeFactory Writer: I want to adopt a meerkat.

[14:58] LifeFactory Writer: ๐Ÿ˜€

[14:58] LifeFactory Writer: really!

[14:58] SLinworld4 Planer: The meerkat reacts differently towards its owner…depending on its mood

[14:58] LifeFactory Writer: and is that random?

[14:58] Alanagh Recreant believs we may have to have a special meerkat session ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:58] LifeFactory Writer: signs up for Meerkat session.

[14:58] SLinworld4 Planer: If you care about it, it will be more willing to play with you or obey your “commands”

[14:58] Anna Annenberg: I guess that explains why my meerkat didn’t respond to my calls hehehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

[14:59] Licenciada Saunders: YES! Have a special Meerkat session!

[14:59] Yel Oh: and you musn’t forget to send them back to their den before you leave or they get rather tired . . I think

[14:59] You: I must also use this opportunity to thank all the WILDLIFE creators out here in SL…

[14:59] Kwame Oh: wonders whether meercat would make a good bush meat ๐Ÿ™‚

[14:59] SLinworld4 Planer: IThey dissapear from the sim if you forget them

[14:59] You: we have a policy over at Virtual Africa to take the best of any animal

[15:00] You: so, if we dont have it… submit it… please

[15:00] SLinworld4 Planer: So you can call it from its den, next time youre a the sim

[15:00] Licenciada Saunders: Can the Meerkats live in any Sim?

[15:00] You: no ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:00] LifeFactory Writer: can the meerkats “exist” in other sims? Or is their programming tied to on sim?

[15:00] LifeFactory Writer: oops.

[15:00] Yel Oh wonders what you feed a meerkat

[15:00] You: it is part of the sim sustainability plan

[15:00] IYan Writer: Yel: meermike

[15:00] Licenciada Saunders: np tnx

[15:00] IYan Writer: (meer mice)

[15:00] LifeFactory Writer: you feed them meerMice

[15:00] LifeFactory Writer: lol, Iyan.

[15:01] IYan Writer: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[15:01] You: but technically, of course it can

[15:01] LifeFactory Writer: I meant, technically. No, the sim-specificity is a wonderful idea!

[15:01] Licenciada Saunders: I Agree

[15:01] You: can we return for a moment to the new media talk for a while…[15:02] You: we will do a demo at 3.30pm

[15:02] Kwame Oh: ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:02] Licenciada Saunders: ooops sorry

[15:02] LifeFactory Writer: awaits meerkat session.

[15:02] You: :))

[15:02] You: I am keen to understand how we could ensure that Africans participate more here in SL in terms of content creation….

[15:03] You: any thoughts on that Anna, KhoisanMermaid?

[15:03] Anna Annenberg: Well, I find that contests or competitions are always a great way to get people to participate

[15:03] Anna Annenberg: in creating content

[15:03] Anna Annenberg: also

[15:03] Anna Annenberg: collaborative projects or builds or art is always great too!!!

[15:03] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: It will have to be advertised and profiled through the various

[15:04] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Africa-related networks in research and content globally. There are various academic networks that

[15:04] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: can be brought in through cross sectoral work.

[15:04] You: very nice…..

[15:04] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: It s about working with existent structures which have up till now been

[15:05] You: and yet, we still have to get an African university here

[15:05] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: resistant to new media – but that in its very essence

[15:05] Anna Annenberg: I think another key point is making sure that Africans know that there is a demand for such content

[15:05] Yel Oh: is it the idea to build a very african centric community here, africans meeting africans, or are you thinking broader and looking to connect better with the wider world?

[15:05] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: has a wealth of knowledge and know how to offer.

[15:05] Alanagh Recreant remains convinced that Africa has more to give in terms of social and intellectual capital, than to take…

[15:05] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: We need Virtual Africa Ambassadors who can

[15:05] Anna Annenberg: there are so many groups and places around SL that seek to showcase/exhibit creative content, artists, musicians etc from around the world

[15:06] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: p;rofile this work at the forums where these networks exist in the world.

[15:06] You: yay!!! Virtual Africa Embassadors

[15:06] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: It is a catching concept, and it is really about breaking

[15:07] Enakai Ultsch: very cool idea KM!!

[15:07] Anna Annenberg: Since the majority of content on the internet is created by individuals in the global north and developed countries, it is important that this imbalance is addressed.

[15:07] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: through in dialogue in RL first…:)

[15:07] Alanagh Recreant needs to make it clear that there ARE strong networks of Africans and pro-Africa groups in Second Life at the moment, and Robben Island is an attempt to consolidate that effort without dampening the spirit of self-expression…

[15:07] Kwame Oh: without the access, to sl, is there anyway, we can take the mediam to the creatives in Africa , ie stand alone software, they can create on ?

[15:07] You: thus, the ’embassies’ of various groups/island/communities

[15:07] Anna Annenberg: Alanagh I totally agree that African’s have so much to offer indeed!!

[15:08] Anna Annenberg: as Khoisanmermaid mentioned before…

[15:08] LifeFactory Writer: I have spoken with one or two people who have already been able to get onto SL via phone in a rough way, but the create tools are nto there yet.

[15:08] Alanagh Recreant listens….

[15:08] Yel Oh: good question Kwame

[15:08] Anna Annenberg: equitable partnership is a bit of a buzz term floating around these days

[15:08] Enakai Ultsch: Yel OH: we are thinking broader

[15:08] You: back to mobile…

[15:08] Sca Shilova: since the new SL update my computer is not striong enough for SL anymore, makes me wonder what percentage of that 3.4% have a strong enough system… i guess about 0.0001%, or am i exaggerating? why don’t we have a pumped down version of SL, or do we?

[15:09] Yel Oh: /nods and agrees with Sca

[15:09] You: Sca I believe there are light versions of Second Life….

[15:09] Sca Shilova: oh cool

[15:09] Sca Shilova: i need one xD

[15:09] You: I spoke to a Japanese company a few months ago… and was interested to hear how far this has come…

[15:09] Anna Annenberg: if we’re all supposed to be working together to solve global issues, then it is imperative that we uild and expand the global knowledge-sharing community and increase the flow of information from the global south to the rest of the world

[15:09] You: but then we have to way up the issue of true immersion and just communication and collaboration

[15:10] Alanagh Recreant suggests a second conference at Virtual Africa…or elsewhere… on mobile solutions

[15:10] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: SL is predominantly Anglo Saxon, and it is, we all agree, not about emulating that life. So African people (as in RL) are very much alienated from SL – until one breaks through with SL Ambassadorial principles / campaigns in RL…

[15:11] Alanagh Recreant listens to Khiosanmermaid….

[15:11] You: what has been your experience of African content here

[15:11] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: A condition for participation on equal terms, should not be

[15:12] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: that Africans emulate some Anglo Saxon idealand be deemed inadequate if they fail to meet that ideal..

[15:12] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: but that they contribute and participate on their own terms in equal dialogue.

[15:12] Kwame Oh: allso lets be realy honest the gap is wider than we would like, just look at your friends, on facebook, who do not have even pictures on their profiles, as they try to squeeze what little computer time they can

[15:13] Yel Oh: Khoisanmermaid, what causes this alienation do you think? is it the environment, the language, the activities? or a lack of reflection in ones own familiar culture . .?

[15:13] You: ok, here is a tough one… to hear the answer to… critical reflection for Uthango with its Virtual Africa project – Is it crazy to start with a savanah, a wildlife experience – in tems of content??

[15:14] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: I think Alnagh’s suggestion of a conference would b good, but has to be planned with some serious RL work and research to provide a feasible and sustainable (hopefully) dialogue forum.

[15:14] UTHANGO Viral Vendor 1.5 (6P) for Virtual Africa Final 08: Your vendor ‘UTHANGO Viral Vendor 1.5 (6P) for Virtual Africa Final 08’ at Bliss Garden Center (24, 52, 232) sold ‘African Bike (PinkLady) – Donate 2 Uthango!’ to Calnia Westland for L$750.

[15:14] IYan Writer: purpose defines content – so if a savannah servers your purpose.. ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:14] IYan Writer: *serves

[15:15] You: / Kwame, not only do they squeeze computer time in Africa -we also squeeze the experience into a handheld little application, and a social network like Facebook, still grows massively in Africa….

[15:15] You: agreed KhiosanMermaid

[15:15] Anna Annenberg: personally, I think that would be a great way to bring people to the island, especially with the innovations such as the Meerkat!! if that or something similar is expanded to entire wildlife park then I think it would definitely catch people’s attention

[15:16] Kwame Oh: yes i agree, there is growth,

[15:16] Anna Annenberg: and from there they could see everything thats here and get the word out about all the great opportunities and potential for this project

[15:16] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: How about establishing a planning / steering committee for this conference to coincide with 2010

[15:16] Anna Annenberg: YESSSSS great idea!!!

[15:16] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: at the time of the World Cup in Affrica

[15:16] You: Anna, we have had some talks here in South Africa with the PeaceParks Foundation (founded by Pres. Nelson Mandela) – so the idea of a real world experience is right out there…in the strategy ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:17] You: also, Virtual Africa tries to combine other new media elements, like video – but again… the broadband cost for us!

[15:17] Yel Oh: But once people are on the island what do you think will be successful ways to bring the culture here, to share and express to reduce the alienation?

[15:17] Anna Annenberg: another potential event to coincide with, and granted it’s much sooner than 2010, but TEDAfrica which will be at the end of September in Cape Town

[15:17] You: yes :)))

[15:18] You: expensive little conference though ๐Ÿ˜‰ for the civil society and average african

[15:18] You: imo

[15:18] You: sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:18] Alanagh Recreant tries to remember she is not a panelist

[15:18] Licenciada Saunders: Do the TED people take Lindens?

[15:18] Licenciada Saunders: *:-)

[15:18] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: SL Festival in Africa?

[15:18] You: i wish!

[15:18] Anna Annenberg: yes it is indeed!!! the costs are crazy indeed!!

[15:19] Alanagh Recreant smiles

[15:19] You: ok, last ten minutes, final thoughts

[15:19] Licenciada Saunders: My intuition tells me that the 2010 target for something would work, and whatever I can do, I will offer to do

[15:19] You: New Media (and please think beyond vws)… a voice for Africa

[15:19] You: Anna?

[15:20] Kwame Oh:

[15:20] You: any of the panelists?

[15:20] Kwame Oh: well !! you were looking for an event :-)))

[15:20] Anna Annenberg: Well, I think that there’s so much panelists. I think there needs to be more innovation in terms of getting mobile content to the web and making it accessible to people online

[15:21] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: I put myself as an Ambassador for Virtual Africa in the African Diaspora – and as part of the planning for the festival.

[15:21] Anna Annenberg: if people in Africa are using their phones for content creation, then there needs to be a way to broadcast such creations to the rest of the world

[15:22] You: SLInworld, any closing remarks?

[15:22] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Radio in SL – the African solution?

[15:22] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Via Shoutcast?

[15:22] You: Khoisanmermaid is a fountain of ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:23] You: I am sure we will have much fun to make this initiative grow… I do want to make sure that we work closely with the existing communities in Second Life

[15:23] Licenciada Saunders: *:-)

[15:24] Fab Outlander murmurs: there is some music on:p

[15:24] You: I hesitate to single out groups, but you will find some ’embassies’ at Robben Island

[15:24] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Yes, working closely with existent presence and groups and new ones that have the interest and can have the interest would be key to success.

[15:25] Alanagh Recreant agrees

[15:25] You: looks like Jan is waiting on the meerkat moment

[15:25] You: hereafter

[15:25] SLinworld4 Planer: ^^

[15:25] You: I am requesting that you give the team 5 minutes to get to the sim…

[15:25] You: and open the doors

[15:25] You: please enjoy the music

[15:25] Fab Outlander: -_-

[15:26] You: our DJ for the rest of the event is DJ Doubledown!

[15:26] You: to the right of ze stage

[15:26] Alanagh Recreant smiles broadly

[15:26] You: and I thank all the guests and all the panelists….

[15:27] Patty Cortes: woot ๐Ÿ˜€

[15:27] Kwame Oh: wants to know if there will be transcripts of meetings on web page ?

[15:27] Fab Outlander: yes

[15:27] Fab Outlander: on

[15:27] You: we will post a copy of this dicussion and the previous one on the web

[15:27] Kwame Oh: thank you Fab

[15:28] Tara Yeats: good, Alanagh!

[15:28] Fab Outlander: but maybe comments will be more interesting on virtual africa blog

[15:28] Anna Annenberg: thank you very much Alanagh!!! this was wonderful and was a pleasure to be a participant!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:28] Malburns Writer: WooT

[15:28] IYan Writer applauds

[15:28] Fab Outlander: thank you DD :p

[15:28] Fab Outlander: a ja juppi juppi jey we singin a ja juppi juppi jeyyyyy

[15:28] You: and we invite you to our sims, within a few minutes…. graciously made possible by former SL inworld productions, now komm.passion interactive

[15:28] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Thank you, Alnargh

[15:28] Enakai Ultsch: me applauds

[15:28] Licenciada Saunders: me luv africa *:-)

[15:28] SLinworld4 Planer: Thank you Alanagh!

[15:28] Sca Shilova: yay, great to have mother city in the house ;)))

[15:29] You: they have sponsored the development of the meerkat and much of the design

[15:29] Eladrienne Laval: Great discussion. Very insightful.

[15:29] You: thank you to Orange! for this venue, the first ANNUAL AFRICA DAY in Seconc Life, brought to you by Uthango Social Investments

[15:29] You: May you all be blessed….

[15:29] You: see you in a few!

[15:29] Patty Cortes smiles.

[15:29] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: Hamba Kahle

[15:30] You: we will announce here when the switch is on

[15:30] Licenciada Saunders: what does “hamba kahle” mean please?

[15:30] Licenciada Saunders: *in english

[15:30] Kwame Oh: hahaaha

[15:30] Khoisanmermaid Afarensis: It means go well.

[15:30] Licenciada Saunders: ah, ty


AI Meerkat at Virtual Africa

[15:36] Enakai Ultsch: hi

[15:36] You: ready to assist people with meerkats!???

[15:36] SLinworld4 Planer: sure

[15:37] Volku: *Yip*

[15:42] Meerkat Shop: Please wait…

[15:42] meerkatje: I am very tired, very hungry, sad, playful and I do like you

[15:42] Meerkat Shop: your new meerkat is ready

[15:42] Licenciada Saunders: yeh how do I communicate back to my meerkat?

[15:42] You: here is the deal…

[15:42] Meerkat HUD – D&D onto Avatar! whispers: Africa HUD ready!

[15:43] You: (1) Get Hud and wear it from Inventory

[15:43] You: (2) Buy a MeerKat

[15:43] You: (3) Walk between the posters

[15:43] You: and call the kat to you… he comes from the hole!

[15:44] You: …those who wants to name your meerkat….

[15:44] metaLIFE: Malburns Writer Tagged ‘Virtual Africa‘(secondlife://Virtual Africa/120/83/23)

[15:44] You: come over here and bring him (follow me)

[15:44] SLinworld4 Planer: its not going to stay in the inventory

[15:44] Charlot Dickins: great meerkat Slinworld

[15:46] You shout: If you have a meerkat and want to name it, type /40101 rename:Whatever

[15:46] meerkatje: *Yip*

[15:46] Meerkat_V6.0: *Yip*

[15:47] Eladrienne Laval: Hmm…my meerkat’s playing hide n seek? lol

[15:47] Eladrienne Laval shouts: Rafetna…where are you???

[15:48] Eladrienne Laval laughs

[15:48] Rufus: *Yip*

[15:48] Eladrienne Laval: Me too IYan! LOL

[15:48] iAlja Writer: errr Ally ๐Ÿ˜€

[15:49] iAlja Writer: mmm, my meerket ran away *blush*

[15:49] You: iYan!

[15:49] You: iAlja ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:49] You: great to see you

[15:49] You: here are instructions with me

[15:49] Mimi Carpenter: mahaahhahaha

[15:49] iAlja Writer is not good at playing catch :”)

[15:49] IYan Writer: and you ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats

[15:50] Charlot Dickins: congrats alanagh

[15:50] SLinworld4 Planer: mhhh…

[15:50] Meerkat SIM Controller: Your Meerkat is somewhere on the SIM – go and find it!

[15:50] Brianna Beresford: Hello Alanagh I made it back this is absolutely wonderful

[15:50] Rufus: Some tasty bugs!

[15:50] Brianna Beresford: Oh flikiti am I standing on your toe

[15:50] Rufus: *Yip*

[15:50] Rufus: Catch me!

[15:51] Fab Outlander: yay

[15:51] Fab Outlander: nice sound

[15:52] Brianna Beresford: Do we have to catch one

[15:52] Christy Cosmos: lol

[15:53] Gorgonzola: *Yip*

[15:53] You: hehehe

[15:53] You: nope, you buy one

[15:53] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Hello Aayia…))…

[15:53] You: walk between the posters

[15:53] Gorgonzola: *Yip*

[15:53] Mimi Carpenter: WOOHOOOO

[15:53] You: and it comes out from its hole!

[15:53] Brianna Beresford: OK let me find them

[15:54] Accra: *Yip*

[15:54] Licenciada Saunders: hi iAlja

[15:54] Licenciada Saunders: my meerkat is named AfricaLee

[15:54] Christy Cosmos: are you guys over there in the rushes trying to hide?? lol, we can all see you!

[15:55] You shout: This is the time to thank an anonymous sponsor (angel investor) who made this possible… and also the Komm-Passion Interactive team – specially Jan and Volker (project manager)… THANK YOU !

[15:55] Mimi Carpenter: voice is fine

[15:55] Licenciada Saunders: heh, cool

[15:55] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Great work…))……

[15:56] Rufus shouts: Your meerkat looks exhausted

[15:56] Licenciada Saunders: I have my meekat “AfricaLee” and he/she likes me but is tired

[15:57] You: there are meerkats here without names!

[15:57] Fab Outlander: me I found a cute mini lion

[15:57] Fab Outlander: and it s just for me:p

[15:57] Licenciada Saunders: yeh sorry, I ran over a mini lion a little while ago, sorry!

[15:57] SLinworld4 Planer: hey…thats me..the lion

[15:57] Licenciada Saunders: oooops, sorry

[15:57] Brianna Beresford: so my meerkat is wandering around here somehow

[15:57] SLinworld4 Planer: ^^

[15:57] Fab Outlander: -_-

[15:57] Volku shouts: *OUCH*

[15:57] Volku shouts: I am here at: <210, 108, 27>

[15:58] Aayia Jun: lol

[15:58] Aayia Jun: lots of fun, though

[15:58] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: ….)))…

[15:59] You shout: a special thank you to Aayia Jun who worked VERY hard on this island and manages our Robben Island!

[15:59] meerkatje: *Yip*

[15:59] Aayia Jun: thanks for the little pad out back for my chairs!

[15:59] Meerkat_V6.0: I am very tired, full up, in a good mood, playful and I do like you

[15:59] Meerkat_V6.0: *Yip*

[15:59] Meerkat_V6.0: Your Meerkat will wait in his den, until you pick it up from there.

[15:59] Meerkat_V6.0: Bye!

[15:59] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Great fun here.))).

[15:59] Mat Sierota: ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:59] Volku: Bye!

[15:59] Licenciada Saunders: what a blast this was!!! Thanks *:-)

[16:00] Aayia Jun: yes it is!

[16:00] You: the vegetation on this sim was commisioned by Uthango from Lilith Heart! Acacia, Quiver…. and now…

[16:00] Licenciada Saunders: He/she is in his/her den now *:-)

[16:00] Meerkat Shop: To buy a meerkat, please right click on the object and select context menu pay.

[16:00] Meerkat_V6.0: *Yip*

[16:00] Meerkat_V6.0: Your Meerkat will wait in his den, until you pick it up from there.

[16:00] Mimi Carpenter: Nuck’s back

[16:00] iAlja Writer: anybody seen Blinky? ๐Ÿ™‚

[16:00] You shout: the vegetation on this sim was commisioned by Uthango from Lilith Heart! Acacia, Quiver…. and now…

[16:00] Tropical Rains – Touch Menu Control: Dialog response timeout

[16:00] Mimi Carpenter: Be careful Christy

[16:00] Meerkat_V6.0: Bye!

[16:00] Michaelangelo1 Nyle: Very relaxing….

[16:00] Aayia Jun: this is great….

[16:01] Brianna Beresford: It is absolutely amazing what you have accomplished

[16:09] iAlja Writer: it’s a lovely place Ally

[16:22] You shout: Please join us at The Porcupine and chill a few moments on the bean bags!

[16:26] You shout: I am advising you to send your meerkats to their den! That way it will not become wild…. we will soon leave for AFRICAN RAIN (the club that will blow you away) ๐Ÿ˜‰

[16:26] Christy Cosmos: oh far out! i can walk on water! i knew i was special! lol

[16:29] You shout: Thank you to Doubledown Tandino for AWESOME music!!

[16:29] Mimi Carpenter gave you Mimi Carpenter Press kit.

[16:30] Christy Cosmos: yeah thx DD. gotta scoot to bed in a bit. great sim alanagh. tc all ๐Ÿ™‚ byeeeeeee

[16:30] Doubledown Tandino: k take care Christy!

[16:32] You shout: we will soon (very soon) go to the stunning AFRICAN RAIN on Robben Island!

[16:32] Schizm Neutra: Yaaayyy!

[16:32] You shout: please put away the meerkats in their den – and come back within 20 days or it will die!

[16:32] You: ๐Ÿ˜‰

[16:32] iAlja Writer gasps

[16:32] Schizm Neutra: MEERKATS? YOU GOT MEERKATS?

[16:32] Schizm Neutra: yayyyyyy!

[16:33] IYan Writer: that’s like that “buy this magazine or we shoot this lovely puppy” advert ๐Ÿ˜‰

[16:33] IYan Writer: hi CyFishy!

[16:33] iAlja Writer: lol

[16:33] Alanagh Recreant laughs


African Rain...

Note: Thank you to Eshi Otawara for a beautiful design!

* Sorry, you had to BE there…* until….

[18:35] Second Life: Your region will restart in 3 minutes and 0 seconds for maintenance.

[18:35] IM: Aayia Jun: region restart…lol

[18:37] Second Life: Your region will restart in 1 minutes and 0 seconds for maintenance.


King Protea at African Rain...

THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVEDโ€ฆ and a special word of thanks to ORANGE for hosting the event this year!

Now we look forward to celebrate the real 27 May (Africa Day) in the real world – but then again, there was nothing more REAL about the day we spent with international friends in pixels…. I have never been more convinced of this fact, than on 24 April 2008. Contact us to support us, to to get some support!

Next Up – More about VIRTUAL AFRICA, our new sim(ulated) piece of Africa…



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  1. theresecarfagno on said:

    Hi Ally โ€“ thanks a lot for showing us around here the other day. Here’s a lil blog piece I’ve written about it:

    All the best for Virtual Africa!


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