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Linden Lab launches a shiny Second Life viewer…

Today, Linden Lab in the United States of America, launches a new browser for Second Life (the piece of software that is used to access this 3D virtual world). We are interested to see how this ‘viewer’ will make the user experience more positive and the CEO of Linden Lab says that much of 2009 was used to revamp the browser. The official blog post has gone live and there is a sense of expectation in the air. Much is expected. Maybe too much. In FarmVille (FaceBook) one can brush a calve until it finally grows up, and maybe this is the moment of metamorphoses for Second Life – it is time to shed some growth pains after all and rebel against the emergence of other worlds 😉

More than a million people have logged into Second Life the past three days, and although the hype about Second Life has sizzled out months ago, there are many users that continue to be part of very active commercial, social and educational communities. Our own community has also grown substantially and is partly represented in other social networks, such as our FaceBook Fan Page for Virtual Africa. We hope you will come visit us and also contact Uthango if you are interested to set up office or perform in Second Life.

Do youself a favour and listen to Mark Kingdon as he shares the status quo of Second Life. Congratulations on the new browser Linden Lab! Robert Scoble interviews him, and he describes the “whole strategy (is) to break down the walls to make Second Life much more accessible to users and make it possible for all this incredibly rich content to travel outward—to travel to the web and be shared.” So let’s download the viewer and see what’s up…

(A bit later) we are pleased to report that this new viewer is indeed a LOT different. The verdict is still out, but there was an early crash experience – a nasty flash back to 3 years ago! Then again, Virtual Africa seems to have more stars in this viewer! 🙂

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One thought on “Linden Lab launches a shiny Second Life viewer…

  1. A 3d browser ! .. .. I still cannot imagine how it works ..
    let wait and see

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