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…Journal of our Experiences with Social Media and Virtual Worlds to date…

Visit Virtual Africa inSL

If you would like to visit our development on the Second Life (R) platform, you could teleport directly there! However, if you want to have a quality and meaningful experience, it may be best to have a guide when you register. It is our vision to support Africans wanting to access virtual worlds, so do not hesitate to contact Uthango directly via We can help you, your company, academic institutions or organisation to develop a strategy for Second Life – as part of your social media plan for advocacy or marketing.

Please remember that you would need to download the Second Life (R) programme for free prior to accessing the ‘grid’ (as it is called).  Your computer needs certain specifications to be able to deal with the highly immersive and 3-D environment. You may want to check it out here first before clicking the button to visit Virtual Africa 😉

Virtual Africa

If you need any assistance as a new ‘avatar’ in Second Life (R) please search for Alanagh Recreant, and she will help you as best possible. It is always better to start out with someone you know, or at some place familiar, so please don’t hesitate to start at Virtual Africa! (Ps: You can also follow @VirtualAfrica on Twitter and ask for some assistance via a ‘tweet’ to us).

We hope you enjoy the entries in this blog/journal. It is a record of our company’s journey into an immersive virtual world created by Linden Lab in the USA, and offering a platform for education, enterprise and entertainment. We believe there is much potential for Africa and the tipping point – when an idea tips into mainstream acceptance – is closer than anyone can imagine.

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