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…Journal of our Experiences with Social Media and Virtual Worlds to date…

Supporting our Initiative

We are asked often, “How can I best support your initiative?” and for every person, every company it may be a different answer, defined best by themselves, their own vision and resources. However, the place to start, is to get in touch with us, so we invite you to do so! Please email us: info at uthango dot org

As we are a registered not-for-profit company in South Africa (# 2006/001708/08) we may receive donations/gifts and you are welcome to support UTHANGO directly with a bank deposit into our South African account, listed at at our main company website. It will be important to provide us with a valid email address (even web-based) as our reference. Our auditors are Wilder Lockitch Auditors based in Cape Town and we received an unqualified annual financial report for 2007/2008 – meaning that all record keeping processes are in place and due diligence practiced according to international accounting practices.

If you feel that you would like to support us with some very valuable virtual money, please choose L$ on the Second Life platform and donate via our SL bookkeeper, WilberForce Rau. This avatar is a separate bookkeeping system in effect. There are also now a Tip-O-Potamus at Uthango’s office in Second Life in Virtual Africa where you can donate some Linden Dollars and be listed on the official company website mentioned above as contributor. Please take a moment to Teleport to Virtual Africa, if you are registered in Second Life. On first time registration, also mention WilberForce Rau as your Referent and Uthango will receive $2 for each registration! Virtual funds are applied to for our expenses on the Second Life platform unless specifically stated otherwise, such as raising funds for real world bicycles. If you have some other currency that you would like to put to good use, do not hesitate to follow our link here – we have many ideas that will change our clients’ lives here in Africa.

3 thoughts on “Supporting our Initiative

  1. I have a collection of photos I took in Africa that I would be happy for you to use for this project.

    There’s a ‘best of’ gallery here:

    I have lots more in larger resolution if you are interested.



  2. Dear Dave,

    Thank you very much (!!) for offering your pictures for our project. It could not come at a better time, as we are just setting up a new GALLERY in Second Life and would love to display the pictures there. Maybe we can also meet in-world? It will be wonderful if we could also sell some of the portraits (maybe once-off) as this may help us cover some rent for our gallery?

  3. I think this is BRILLIANT

    Congratulations and keep up the great work

    Liberty, Dignity and Privacy!


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