Africa in Virtual Worlds

…Journal of our Experiences with Social Media and Virtual Worlds to date…

Interesting Videos and Machinima

We discover brilliant video content on the web almost daily. In Africa’s 2nd Life it will be important to have access to good content – both educational and commercial in nature. This is a start…

Video 1: Latest developments related to the worldwide web…


Video 2: Explanation of Second Life (R) – at a time when it still had only 2 million users! Now closer to 10 million subscribers…even though many may be alternative names; this still remains a fairly large number!


Video 3: Future Summit on CNN – where it all started for VIRTUAL AFRICA… early 2007, one weekend in Cape Town:


Video 4: This is an interesting video for educators and training personnel, illustrating the value of virtual worlds in a training environment. UTHANGO is keen to explore SL (and other platforms) as an organisation firmly believing in experiential learning. Our trainers, mentors and managers are trained in the German CEFE methodologies for enterprise development and action-learning. (Note on CEFE: “It is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups, mostly in the context of income and employment generation and economic development”).

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll describes the 7 Sensibilities that Differentiate Virtual Social Worlds from other interactive media and makes the argument that these sensibilities provide us with unprecedented freedom to create true experiential learning opportunities:


Video 5: I really enjoyed this video presentation made by Hans Rosling at TED where he makes statistics come alive again. It is a follow-up from the first presentation on the MYTHS ABOUT THE DEVELOPING WORLD (also worth watching!). His great statement: “The seemingly impossible (for Africa to get away from poverty) IS possibly!” If we did not believe this, together with millions of development workers, we would not be in this field! By the way, he has also announced a deal with Google ten days after this presentation to acquire the software used here!


Video 6: I cannot stop myself from getting really enthusiastic about the attempts of telecommunications companies to provide access to technology to rural Africa. Infrastructure development at its best. Here is a video of the efforts of Motorola in Namibia – probably a model in the making! Together with WiFi development, the issue of information poverty is being address systematically and this article posted in the UN Chronical about slums in Nairobi and access to information seems to get a bit lighter in my mind…


Video 7: The music scene is big in virtual worlds such as Second Life (R) with more and more live musicians entering to practice their creative talents. Sharing music via brilliant emerging websites such as IMEEM and theSIXTYONE has become very popular and scouting for new talent is a growing trend – and has never been as easy as now. And then of course, CRUXY has just released a widget to promote the use of the Cruxy in Second Life. In their words: “Cruxy Player for Second Life is a portable music player for use at listening parties, as a promotional giveaway, or just some relaxing downtime in your personal parcel of land. It can load and play music from MP3 play lists using the XSPF standard”.


Video 8: This is a good introductory video to SECOND LIFE. There are hundreds of these types of videos available online, so before you enter the virtual worlds, get a glimpse of it by looking at some, for instance in the collection of our friend iAlja’s YOUTUBE favourites!


Video 9: We had the good fortune to be featured on SLCN in June 2008 on the popular show of Cybergrrl Oh called ‘RL Biz in SL’ and it was good to share an overview of our VIRTUAL AFRICA project in Second Life(R). I recommend this video for those wanting to see what Uthango is doing in virtual worlds and planning for the future:


Video 10: Thank you so much to LIFEFACTORY WRITER for this Award-winning machinima on VIRTUAL AFRICA that was featured on CNN iReport!


Video 11: Fascinating video on the HISTORY OF THE INTERNET. Where did it all start? How did we get here? An overview…


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