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Africa Day in Second Life: 24 April 2008

Please come and join us on Thursday 24 April for an exiting programme on the first annual Africa Day in Second Life, hosted by Uthango with support of Orange from their island. ‘Virtual Africa’ and the adjacent ‘Robben Island’ with its African Rain (club) will be launched on the same day!

The popular DJ Doubledown will conclude the day at 16:30 SLT with a party for our guests at the new, spectacular African Rain, a club for Virtual Africa, designed partly pro-bono by Eshi Otawara. Hamlet Au recently visited the Club for a sneak preview and write-up on New World Notes and Ally and Hamlet tested the dance floor (picture courtesy of NWN):

Opening the dancefloor at Virtual Africa\'s new Club...


The programme for 24 April‘s AFRICA DAY IN SECOND LIFE kicks off with a small art exhibition at Orange 1 (sim) to the beat of Soukous music at 10:00 SLT – and also include a mini-conference with the meaningful topics for discussion:

11:00 SLT -“Access to Virtual Worlds in Africa: challenges and opportunities.”

12:30 SLT – Sage Duncan (SL) – internationally acclaimed percussionist

14:00 SLT – Jean Miller, International Affairs Linden Lab

14:15 SLT -“New Media (incl. virtual worlds): a new voice for African cultures/ideas?

15:30 SLT – Virtual Africa Soft Launch / Official Opening

Note: The excellent percussionist Stacey Fox (Sage Duncan in Second Life) will provide for an exciting break between talks with a performance at 12.30 SLT – prior to visiting Virtual Africa. From her website: “Fox is an international composer, filmmaker and master percussionist. Her works often cross the boundaries between visual and performing arts”.

With the assistance of the lovely Caramba Vella (SL) of the African Music and Dance Group, we have also been able to convince Radio Soukous to provide African music during the day. We look forward to a wonderful day, that has been long awaited! Here is a pic of the upload of the RAW file for the African Savannah landscape a few weeks ago, and standing in the virtual Nile, now with some virtual crocodiles…. See you there!

Virtual Africa\'s Nyle


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