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Fishing in 3D into 2011

From Uthango here in South Africa, we would like to wish you a wonderful New Year in 2011. May it bring many good developments for humanity and technology in service of humanity. Hope that the challenges of 2010 will be turned into opportunities.

If you feel like chilling before the clock strikes at midnight, we will be fishing from 9pm SLT/PST with the great 7Seas Fishing Game in Second Life, at our Virtual Africa – where else. Aayia Jun, our estate manager, will be your host. There is a special spot next to Crocodile Creek at the jetty and also another (for the same contest) in the metaAfrica Township Pond between the shacks. Click to Teleport to our river if you have a Second Life account. Fishing in Second Life has always been enjoyable to me, ever since I first experienced it at Extropia. Here is Crap Mariner at another beautiful fishing spot – of which there are numerous all round the grid:

From the Flickr Group for 7Seas Fishing – Picture by isfullofcrap with some Rights Reserved.

We hope to see you soon when we throw in some virtual bait and hope to get hold of something other than junk and pollution, cause in all honestly, there has been some of that going around lately in our beloved Second Life.  Outside of SL, we have a serious problem here in Africa with pollution of our riverbeds and wetlands and many governments and conservation agencies are making appeals to intervene. Recently a report out of Ethiopia by Melanie Preiser stated:

The quality of river water in general is not good and rivers can’t be used for any purpose at all anymore!….(and later) As per the independent researcher, village people still use river water for drinking purpose, cooking and washing, because they don’t have access to purified water. Also the cattle will drink from it.

We are keen to understand more about issues of conservation and the environment, and even though this area is not core business for the social impact of Uthango’s programmes in South Africa, we would very much like to actively support organisations working on matters of food and water security, and hygiene and sanitation.  So, in the mean time, as we strategize how to do this effectively, we can fish in 3D in Second Life and enjoy an ideal clean river with herons and reeds, and artificial crocodiles. And when there, we can think about other virtual streams to swim. Come join us…


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